Stretch Therapy Client Expectation

We create a postural image of the client based on the assessment. We take note of their movement patterns. We assess their alignment and flexibility. We use an “eyeball” measurement.

It is important for the client to see what is actually happening within their body. There should be judicious use of mirror, even on the ceiling, in order for them to see the movements of their hip joints.

The Report of findings (ROF) will include the results from the 1st Session and the findings from the 2nd Session based on the actual flexibility levels. The direction of treatment is outlined with a complete plan. The plan includes treatment to be rendered, expected benchmarks, and a complete homework outline.

The client will also be offered the equipment (available for sale) needed to achieve the desired results (i.e. MD rope and ankle weights).

Initial treatment given will consist of Flexibility Training and Stability Training along with proprioceptive work. Exact protocols will be created to guide the stretch therapists to be certain the work is applied for optimal results every time.

Concurrently with initial manual work, re-patterning will begin with various modalities, such as: neuromuscular therapy and myofascial release techniques.

The benchmarks outlined will include a timeline of when results can be expected if program compliance is continual. It will also indicate when modalities of functional training will begin. Functional training will include many modalities and programs from resistance bands to weight bearing exercises. The “best of the best” will be recruited to create a robust program for the complete transformation our clients are seeking.