Assisted Stretching Manual Therapy

Relaxation and Stress-Relief in the Form of Manual Therapy

What is Assisted Stretch Therapy?

Pure Stretch Therapy is a one-on-one, assisted stretch therapy is a comprehensive treatment that helps patients in their recovery process. Pure Health Beverly Hills is home to some of the most passionate trainers in Los Angeles, which means that our Pure Stretch Therapy will help you with multi-directional movements to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

More importantly, Pure Stretch Therapy can help you recover from sore muscles while increasing mobility and stability with normal, everyday movements. Don’t waste your time, money, or energy dealing with people claiming to be pros that help you stretch the “right way.” At Pure Health Beverly Hills, we can genuinely help you through assisted stretching manual therapy.

Dr. DeLeon is southern California’s leading physician in stretch therapy.

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How Assisted Stretching Helps?

Assisted Stretching at Pure Health Beverly Hills is what we consider manual therapy, or soft tissue manipulation. This form of therapy is one of the most popular forms of soft tissue therapy based on the effectiveness of our techniques.

Health, fitness, and wellness are the vital results of manual therapy, as it focuses on relaxation and stress relief. Pure Stretch Assisted Flexibility Training offers some of the world’s best trained therapeutic bodywork available in the Los Angeles area.

Through Assisted Stretch, we believe that once you have achieved a foundational level of flexibility and stability, it is then easy to maintain flexibility and mobility. We would recommend that you see our professional movement specialists at Pure Stretch Beverly Hills at least once or twice a month purely to help you maintain full joint and muscular functionality. Once you reach this point, you will never want to lose it.

Benefits of Assisted Stretching Therapy

Foundational Flexibility

Foundational Stability

Postural Re-Education

Assisted Stretching

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Boosting Athletic Performance

Myofascial Release Treatment

Physical Core Rehabilitation

Let's Stretch Together!

At Pure Health Beverly Hills, we offer a wide range of stretch therapies, from assisted stretch to functional therapy and so much more. Find out how our stretch therapy program can help you by coming in for a consultation.

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