What is Stretch Therapy with Pure Health?

Stretch Therapy at Pure Health is a program that our therapists have customized that can help you stretch your body and specific muscles to fit your therapeutic needs. Our goal is to help you increase flexibility and give attention to imbalances in the body that may be causing stress.

Full-Body Stretch

Athletic Stretching

Strength Training

Pure Health Beverly Hills is proud to offer a realistic and effective form of Stretch Therapy to all of our clients who can benefit from such an amazing experience. Stretch Therapy at Pure Health addresses the entire body to help reduce and eliminate aches, pains, and tightness.

We are not going to mislead you by calling our stretch therapy proprietary or by saying it’s dynamic because that is just a bunch of hot air. The truth is that stretching the body is not groundbreaking or cutting-edge in anyway. Instead, learning to stretch your muscles differently to help you maximize your results can help you recover from pain, discomfort, and dysfunction. We focus on the power of your body through a series of stretches that tends to your abilities with realistic goals.

Let’s Stretch Together

Stretch therapy is focused on helping you stretch the right muscles as a way of targeting complications in the body that are causing chronic pain and restricting functionality. Through an assisted-stretch approach, we aim our treatment on specific areas that contribute to ailments in the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Our trainers are well-trained in taking patients through stretch sessions that lie between a great massage and productive physical therapy. So lay back, take a deep breath, and allow our professional staff to help you feel rejuvenated with Stretch Therapy at Pure Health Beverly Hills.

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Let us help you heal, rebuild, and strengthen your muscles and joints, so you can remain active and live your life happily.

Our Services

Strength Training

Improve your range of motion, increase flexibility, and strengthen your muscles through our strength training program for all levels.

Assisted Stretch

Assisted stretch is designed to help you overcome restrictions from previous injuries, joint problems, back issues, and post-surgical treatment.

Sports Stretch

Athletic competition is tough on the body, but proper therapy can help you stay competitive. This program is specifically tailored for the athlete.

Assisted Yoga

Assisted Yoga takes the concepts of Yoga and applies them to people who just love being stretched in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.