What Is Pure Stretch?

A customized strengthening and stretching program designed to meet your needs. The results bring complete flexibility and corrects the imbalances in your body.

Full Body Stretch

Active Isolated Stretch

Lasting Pain Relief

Pure Stretch is a groundbreaking technique that applies a series of full body stretches and gentle manipulations to relax muscles. Stretches progress through a fluid series, as complementary muscle groups are stimulated one after another, addressing the aches, pains or tightness through the entire body.

What makes Pure Stretch special is that it provides this healing touch while you lie back and enjoy the benefits. The best way it can be described is like a stretch massage for your muscles and joints. Some of our customers say it feels like a type of “assisted yoga.”

More About Pure Stretch

The core of the practice, however, is defined by its assisted-stretching treatments, all of which have a common goal of healing the body by targeting the musculoskeletal and nervous system complications that can cause chronic pain, restrict mobility, or impair organ function. Regardless of what method they use to address a client’s needs and concerns, Pure Stretch Mobility Trainers put you at ease by inviting you to relax in spacious private treatments rooms.

Try It Now!

Try Pure Stretch today to help build, heal and keep your muscles and joints healthy for years to come!

Our Services

Stretch / Strength Training

A program for people who do not typically work out and would like to improve range of motion and flexibility of their joints and muscles.

Stretch Therapy

If you have previous injuries, joint problems, lower back issues, or you have had previous surgeries, this program is perfect for you.

Sports Stretch

If you are an athlete competing in a demanding sport, this program will be tailored for your specific position or repetitive motion.

Therapeutic Stretch

This program is for people who just love being stretched! A whole body stretch in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.