Good posture will get you noticed

Anatomically Correct Posture: Chin tuck, Chin parallel to floor, Sternum up, Shoulders wide, set scapular, Pelvis tucked, Knees unlocked, standing on heels and thumbs and forefinger pointing forward.

Your 24 vertebrae are stacked neatly on top of each other like building blocks with 4 gentle curves from the neck to the sacrum that allow you to absorb the shock of movement and optimize your body to function in the correct manner. When you stand side on to a mirror (coronal plane) you should be able to draw an imaginary line from the top of your head through your ears, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles.

Posture is a habit. It is something under our control. We decide whether we want it to be a good habit or a bad habit.
Good posture promotes efficiency of the body. It is beneficial for proper body systems functioning. An erect posture places the body’s organs in good position, which in turn allows them to perform more efficiently. This can affect everything from breathing, digestion, to circulation.

Good posture contributes to self-confidence and appearance. A person with good posture is often perceived more attractive, with greater poise, confidence, and dignity.

If we look at movement, good posture allows muscles to perform optimally. If a muscle is held in its ideal length they will work more effectively. On top of that if the skeleton is supporting the weight of the body then the muscles don’t have to work as much to help maintain alignment. This reduced demand on the muscles leads to greater endurance as the muscles can focus more on movement.

Good posture can prevent pain. In the other hand, poor posture, misalignment or bones that are not in the right structure causes pain. This poor alignment increased strain on your muscles, joints, and ligaments. Faulty posture also causes more muscle fatigue and in later stages severe pain.

Posture correction training is the ability to correct muscular imbalances, postural distortion patterns, and joint and muscle pains by reconditioning the body to perform better within the kinetic chain structural integrity.

Posture correction training stabilizes weak muscles or muscles that are not working properly and increases flexibility and muscle and joint mobility with proper and sequential movement patterns. Most of us know nothing about posture exercises, the good news is that movement really can help your posture, provided the posture workout you do are the right ones and are executed correctly. Even if postural correction is not a goal, being fitter and stronger will still have benefits. However, for those for whom postural correction is a major objective, then a little professional planning is required.

Motion Dynamics Movement Specialists or coaches will be able to design a workout program that takes into account any muscle imbalances or other similar issues, and help you work towards a more symmetrical physique.