Get Summer Ready with Emsculpt in Beverly Hills

Woman floating in pool on inflatable during summer

Now that spring is among us, it’s time to start focusing on getting ready for the upcoming warm weather. Though we may be ready for sunny days, our bodies, however, might not be in the best shape for the potential summer adventures. We all tend to hibernate through fall and winter, and it is not uncommon to find out that you may have excess weight or pockets of fat that has softened your appearance. Getting back into shape for the summer is not an easy thing to do, but luckily there is a technology that can help give you a boost in your efforts to tone up! 

Pure Health Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills offers their patients a revolutionary, non-surgical solution to help muscles that need some toning. The treatment is called Emsculpt®, the only non-surgical, device-led treatment to help both men and women build muscle. Emsculpt is also designed to be a highly effective, non-surgical butt lift procedure. Emsculpt involves:

  • No needles
  • No anesthetic
  • No incisions
  • No downtime

Emsculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to generate supramaximal muscle contractions. Regular sit-ups and crunches use voluntary muscular contractions. You can think of an Emsculpt treatment as a more intense way to achieve results. When the muscle experiences the supramaximal muscle contractions, the tissues are forced to respond with a deep transformation of their inner structure, resulting in muscle growth. The treatment is not painful – but it similar to an intense core or glute workout. Emsculpt delivers an intensity that is more focused than even an above average gym workout. There is no downtime after Emsculpt, so patients at Pure Health Beverly Hills are able to return to their regular daily activities after treatment. You will notice and feel results immediately and encouraging results will usually become more obvious around two to four weeks after the final session. You will also see continued improvement for weeks after.

There is no downtime after Emsculpt. Patients from Pure Health Beverly Hills are able to go back to their normal daily activities after treatment. Results can be seen and felt immediately after, with positive results seen two to four weeks after the final session. The great thing about an Emsculpt treatment is that you will continue to see improvement for weeks with long-lasting results. Though, it’s important that you continue following a healthy eating plan and exercise regime to help you keep up your newly toned physique. You can give your workout routine a boost and help achieve that bikini body with a little Emsculpt magic.