I started my journey as a health and fitness instructor almost 15 years ago. I have studied and practiced many years of human anatomy and physiology and I am currently attending Acupuncture and Chinese medicine school to work on my masters program in TCM.

I believe that any kind of imbalance in muscular skeletal system or the physiological body is a call for an injury and pain. For that I have learned modalities such as a variety of Muscle Release Techniques, Stretch therapy, Neurokinetic therapy, Aminoneuro therapy to help the individuals suffering from injuries, pain or recovering from one. The most special part of my treatment includes Neuro-muscular re-education therapy that would help the body to move with a better range of motion and stability by creating new habits for the brain. The goal is always creating a comfortable environment for the brain and the body to work together with harmony and rhythm.

“Rehab Training” includes:

  • Core strengthening and pelvic floor strengthening
  • Functional trainings for pre- and post-natal, pre- and post-surgeries
  • Rehab treatments for post injuries