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Stretch Therapy Assisted Flexibility Training

Flexibility Training

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Postural Training

The Evolution of the Revolution

All of us at Pure Health Beverly Hills love helping people improve their lives. It’s who we are as people and as professionals in the Beverly Hills fitness community. Through our passion for helping people learn what it means to feel movement that is truly unrestricted, we have found success.

Dr. Jill DeLeon, DC
Southern California’s leading physician in stretch therapy


Stretch Therapy Assisted Flexibility Training is today’s leading functional lifestyle movement system. The techniques we use focus on flexibility, mobility, and posture. Through years of refined experience, we have developed a hybrid system comprised of the finest manual therapy modalities.

Our Complete List Of Services

  • Flexibility Training
  • Stability Training
  • Footloose
  • Posture and Intelligent Movements Group Classes
  • Boosting Sports and Athletic Performance
  • Assisted Stretching Manual Therapy
  • Flexibility Coaching for Couples
  • Postural Re-education and Re-training
  • Injury Rehabilitation and Prehabilitation

Ultimate Mobility Can Be Accomplished Through A Balance of Body Awareness, Joint Flexibility, and Stability

Stretch Therapy at Pure Health was developed through a modular approach when training movement specialists. The core of our stretch therapy is defined by its assisted-stretching treatments, all of which have a common goal of healing the body by targeting the musculoskeletal and nervous system complications that can cause chronic pain, restrict mobility, or impair organ function. Regardless of the method used to address your needs and concerns, our stretch therapists put you at ease by inviting you to relax in spacious private treatments rooms.

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What makes Stretch Therapy special is that it provides this healing touch while you lie back and enjoy the benefits. The best way it can be described is like a stretch massage for your muscles and joints. Some of our customers say it feels like a type of “assisted yoga”.

  • Full Body Stretch
  • Lasting Pain Relief
  • Improved Flexibility

Stretch / Strength Training

This program is for people who do not typically work out and would like to improve range of motion and flexibility of their joints and muscles.

Stretch Therapy

If you have previous injuries, joint problems, lower back issues, or you have had previous surgeries, this program is perfect for you.

Sports Stretch

If you are an athlete competing in a demanding sport, this program will be tailored for your specific position or repetitive motion.

Therapeutic Stretch

This program is for people who just love being stretched! A whole body stretch in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Our Team

Dr. Jill DeLeon, DC

Doctor Of Chiropractic

What Is Stretch Therapy?

Have you ever been sore or stiff and felt the amazing relief that comes from stretching your muscles? Now imagine getting that same feeling with no effort at all! You just lay back and get every muscle group stretched by a professional stretch therapist!

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