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Pure Stretch Assisted Flexibility Training

The Evolution of the Revolution

Pure Health Beverly Hills is home to lifestyle gurus who are passionate about improving quality of life.  In pursuit of unrestricted movement, We founded a lifestyle.  As a lifestyle, the goal is to flex back the years to a time when we were light, nimble, supple and flexible.

Pure Stretch Assisted Flexibility Training is a revolutionary fitness program that promotes corrective postural and bio-mechanical movements. It encourages and inspires an active lifestyle by learning to move your body intelligently. Pre-habilitation and prevention of injury is our focus. Pure Stretch is the culmination of nearly 20 years hands-on experience focused on gait, movement mechanics and locomotion. Combined with over 20,000 hours of hands-on therapy, Dr. Jill DeLeon, after 21 years in practice, developed this new system to promote Healthy Exercise and Smart Fitness.

Pure Stretch is a scientific, evidence-based flexibility and stability system. It resets the fundamental anatomical movements of joints, ligaments and muscles. Pure Stretch uses a multi-disciplined, multi-layered approach to re-align posture and re-pattern body motion. It is a journey that returns your body to optimal alignment, flexibility, and stability.

The Pure Health team is passionate and enthusiastic about helping you discover a functional range of motion. We educate and physically transform you, increase vitality and help you feel and move like a younger self.  We strive to teach body awareness and develop your “physical intelligence.”


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Pure Health Beverly Hills Services

Our seasoned team of Pure Stretch Mobility Trainers offer a patient centered approach to promote individualized care. We strive create a hip yet relaxed environment where you can bring your mind and body back into optimal well-being. Our Pure Stretch Mobility Trainers will correct your posture by retraining, re-educating and optimising your mobility and stability

The Pure Stretch difference

Today's Preeminent Remedial and Corrective Bodywork Technique

Pure Stretch Assisted Flexibility Training is today's leading functional lifestyle movement system. Our cutting-edge techniques focus on Flexibility, Mobility and Posture. Based on 20 years experience, we have developed a hybrid of the finest manual therapy modalities.

 Pure Stretch targets four key frequently observed musculo-skeletal dysfunctions:

  1. Muscular imbalances

  2. Mechanical imbalances (Postural Asymmetries)

  3. Muscle weaknesses

  4. Soft tissue deficiencies (muscles with poor neural feed or signaling)

The mind and body are always changing as are the ways to treat them. The Pure Stretch system generates fast results that you can feel immediately.

Our unique Maximize your Mobility formula:

Awareness + Flexibility + Stability = Mobility

Pure Stretch Assisted Flexibility Training has developed a modular approach to training movement specialists. Our training is detailed, specific and intense. Each module includes 40 hours training (1 week). For each module, we provide a hard copy of the training manual and Certificate of Module Completion.

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